500 Ceramic Poker Chips

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Perfectly weighted ceramic poker chips imprinted with an intricate design by Alex Spenser. This unique poker set embraces everything you love about poker. The feel of the chips as you shuffle them, the sound of the chips clanking as you splash the pot, and the overall beauty of each chip stacked in front of you.

This Legacy poker set comes with 500 ceramic poker chips. The chips are securely preserved in a high quality aluminum container built with added protection and care. The case has stronger locking latches, rubber lined handle, and wood molded chip trays to securely store your poker chips. The case comes in a nice gun metal gray finish with each corner having additional black aluminum bumpers for added protection.

      Legacy Poker Set (500 pieces) Legacy Poker Set (500 pieces) Legacy Poker Set (500 pieces) Legacy Poker Set (500 pieces)

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